Snowdonia, 2016

There’s a Hungarian ballad about “The bards of Wales” which is something that Hungarians can’t really erase from their minds. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve always wanted to visit this beautiful place full of amazing landscapes and Celtic heritage.Continue Reading

CEWE photo competition feature

I just got an e-mail from CEWE photoworld today that one of my photographs submitted to their competition has been featured in their monthly selection. What a surprise! Made my day. ^_^ Thank you very much, Hayley @CEWE !

First punters of November.

Monkeys of Emei Shan

I’ve recently posted about our trip to Mount Emei. As it is the Year of the Monkey (a pretty naughty one, shame on you, Golden Monkey), I’m sharing some photos taken of these funny little guys I met while hiking.Continue Reading