Linda & Alex

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We’d been planning a photoshoot with my beautiful friend, Linda for a while. She texted me last week that she was ready for our project and she managed to convince her husband about it, too. 🙂

We spent a cheerful afternoon together. They were great models, excellent in posing, behaving so naturally as if they had years of experience in this. Thank you again, guys, you are truly amazing!

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Beyond visible – IR photography

I have always been “gifted” with the ability to recall my dreams. Those visions are clearly there in my mind. Beautiful, bad, peaceful, disturbing, vivid or dark… whatever. I’ve been thinking a lot how to depict them. Since I’m not good enough in painting or drawing, I’m trying to find a way through something else. So far, infrared photography seems to be the right step forward to reach my goal. 🙂 (Continue reading to see the gallery.)Continue Reading

Kiev 4 experiment

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There are advertisements everywhere about Father’s day which makes me feel somewhat miserable as my father tragically passed away 6 years ago. As I mentioned before, father was an important person in my photography history. He won his Kiev 4 on a scientific competition during university and was very proud of it. So I’ve been thinking about some vintage photography experiments with that camera recently to keep his memory alive.Continue Reading