Monika looked so nice on our last girls-day-out that I had to take a few photos of her. I love this girl so much!Continue Reading

Jing – Richmond Park

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Went out to the fairytale Richmond Park with the lovely Jing the other day. Did not really have a concept, just a beautiful vintage dress and a huge load of fun and happiness. Thanks a lot, Jing! xContinue Reading

Mata Hari

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Continuing my vintage series with one of my childhood icons, Mata Hari.

I’m finding vintage photographs very, very impressive for many reasons. They are graceful in their simplicity, there’s a lot of work put in them, the artists mastered the lightings (so much to learn from them!) and the models had that strong personality that makes you want to stare at their photographs for ever.

On the day we had the Madame Renarde photo session with my beautiful friend, Adrienn, we managed to shoot 3 sessions in just one afternoon. She was an amazing model, perfect for this character as well. Can’t wait to share the whole series.

Model, corset and accessories: Madame Renarde


Re-creating a famous image – Alphonse Mucha: The Moon

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It's not easy to find the perfect model when you have a certain image in your head. Even if you find someone who meets your "visual requirements", there's still a chance that they simply can't bring the character to life. No offense, just a fact.

As I started a new life in another country a few years ago and I'm pretty bad in connecting people, I hardly meet any potential models. 🙁 Which is quite frustrating when you have so much in your head, but if you keep on believing in your mission, your prayers might be answered - sooner or later, haha . And she came.

Here's the first image of our second photoshoot which happened on the same day as the Madame Renarde series. I've always been fascinated by the glorious women on Alfonse Mucha's paintings. They're so powerfully inspiring, I believe that every lady has an idol among them. One of my favourite is this piece of The Moon and the Stars series.

It was Mother's day, so my first thing in the morning was running to Tesco and grab 2 huge bouquets of chrysanthemum. So yes, her "tiara" was made of real flowers. ^_^ We spent a great afternoon together. <3

Further pictures coming soon.

Madame Rénarde

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I got to know Adri, this exceptionally talented lady when a common friend of us shared one of her posts on Facebook. We started exchanging messages about her post and acknowledged quickly how well we understand each other. Continue Reading

Adri – Holland Park, London

I met Adri during my 10 months in London when we attended the same English course. It quickly turned out that she’s a wonderful lady, behind her pretty looks there’s also a beautiful soul and the kindest heart ever. (Continue reading to see the whole gallery.)Continue Reading