Monkeys of Emei Shan

I’ve recently posted about our trip to Mount Emei. As it is the Year of the Monkey (a pretty naughty one, shame on you, Golden Monkey), I’m sharing some photos taken of these funny little guys I met while hiking.Continue Reading

Qingcheng shan – Front Mountain

On our latest trip to Sichuan, we stayed a few days in and around the beautiful green Dujiangyan. My husband has a very nice and detailed blog entry about our stay – maybe I can add a little bit more to that post or at least show another side of this awesome sacred place.Continue Reading

Moseltal, Germany

When we learnt that a daytrip to the Mosel (or Moselle) Valley would cost actually the same as a trip to London on our wedding anniversary, we booked tickets for the first and last flights between Stansted and Hahn. Continue Reading