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About me
I'm Nora, a photographer currently living in Cambridge, searching for my Holy Grail - or a fancy vessel for my morning coffee... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My "journey"
I am a very outdoorsy person and prone to be quite unlucky with weather and light conditions and life in general. Therefore, when a heavy snowstorm made it impossible to take some nice pictures of my childhood dream place, I decided to invest into a "proper" camera (lol) and started shooting travel, nature, friends and their weddings, fire, mythical creatures, wonderful beasts and whatever I am in the mood for. You may have come across some of my pics on Daily Mail, NatGeo Daily Dozen, your buddy's Facebook page or who knows where? Hope it made your day brighter.

My life at the moment
A few years ago I gave up my frustrating big company career as a bioengineer and now I am living a rather ordinary 9-5 office workers' life, adding some content to my story with Chinese/Japanese brush painting (see some doodles here https://www.instagram.com/liulangmao_art/), Za Zen (seated meditation), dancing and listening to lovely goth/metal anthems. Occasionally, I'm taking photographs to preserve memories, to collect reference for my future paintings or just for fun.

Now go and have a look around. ^_^

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