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Photographic stories of a hopeless romantic.







I am a woman in black with a colourful mind, named Nora and currently based in Cambridge - searching for my Holy Grail (or just a fancy vessel for my morning coffee).

My "journey"
I am a very outdoorsy person and prone to be quite unlucky with weather and light conditions and life in general. Therefore, when a heavy snowstorm made it impossible to take some nice pictures of my childhood dream place, Huanglong, I decided to invest into a "proper" camera (lol) and started shooting travel and nature, friends and their weddings, fire, mythical creatures, wonderful beasts and whatever I am in the mood for.

My life at the moment
I am living my ordinary 9-5 office workers' life, adding some spice to my otherwise boring story by practising Oriental brush painting and Zazen (meditation), doing lots of dancing and listening to some lovely goth/metal anthems. Occasionally, I'm taking photographs to preserve memories, to collect reference for my future paintings or just for fun.


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