Hackney City Farm and the Canal side

Format Gallery

Some pictures of East London were uploaded in my second Kiev test album. Now I’m completing the gallery with some photos taken with my digital cam.

My lovely friend, Jasmin took me to Hackney’s city farm then we walked down the canal side. No need for more words, the pictures talk for themselves: the East is full of hidden treasures and FUN. 🙂Continue Reading

Beyond visible – IR photography

I have always been “gifted” with the ability to recall my dreams. Those visions are clearly there in my mind. Beautiful, bad, peaceful, disturbing, vivid or dark… whatever. I’ve been thinking a lot how to depict them. Since I’m not good enough in painting or drawing, I’m trying to find a way through something else. So far, infrared photography seems to be the right step forward to reach my goal. 🙂 (Continue reading to see the gallery.)Continue Reading