Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy
Just the usual bragging about a holiday that nobody really cares about and to make my acquaintances making unbelievably stupid conclusions about my life. So we spent a week on the beautiful island of Sardinia in September. My husband’s criteria was less than 3 hours in flight mode, mines were nature and hiking, snorkelling and floating in saltwater not worrying about anything in the world at all. I have seen many pictures and got some recommendations about this undoubtedly beautiful place, so I did a little research and thought this was OK for a holiday. Just when I booked our flights, I heard the bad news from a friend that they had been robbed on a Sardinian spiaggia and she was also very badly surprised about the prices. These news and the stories and fuss about the so treasured Sardinian sand made me feel that probably I should have just booked some extra nights in Granada instead and enjoyed a few more days in the lovely and welcoming Andalucia. It was too late to cancel though… So here are my experiences:
  1. Prices: the south and east were relatively cheaper than the west (or the north, I assume, which we did not visit), still, I can’t really understand how people can put on extra weight at such an expensive place where the only thing you can afford is cold food from the supermarket or a pizza to share. Unless you are super rich, excuse me then… It is absolutely worth though exploring the local supermarkets and family run groceries for some local delicacies.
  2. Drivers are crazy. Seriously. I have never ever felt so scared on any roads before and we were never ever insulted and called to pull off – possibly for a fight? Well, we just carried on and fortunately they stopped following us.
  3. People are crazy. In all the good and bad ways. 🙂 When you see a picture of Sardinia, it gives you the impression that there is non-stop sunshine and the sea is always bright blue. Well, not on that particular day when a storm caught us at a beautiful Caletta. Luckily, there was a nice bar nearby where we were able to have a coffee until the rain stopped. I ran out to take a picture of the rain, and by the time I got back to my husband, a lovely local couple was already chatting with him. An hour later and after a few shots of Mirto, Elena and I were quite “tipsy” and I just found myself in the middle of a pretty deep conversation about culture, politics, life, music, etc. <3 Another crazy encounter to mention was the warm welcome with one of our hosts at a bed&breakfast. While we were having a beer with him, I told him the story about my friend who was robbed during the summer. He assured us that we are in good hands, and if someone steals from his guests, he’s going to do some nasty things to them… (I will not get into details…) Ummm… Oooookay… The truth is that actually, he was a lovely guy with a pretty sad story. I was quite surprised how quickly he opened up to two strangers he had just met, but maybe this is just how they are. And it is pretty heartwarming.
  4. Rent a tiny car if you’re driving! And pay that extra insurance, just in case your tiny car is not slim enough to fit that bloody narrow hole which they call “streets” over there.
  5. If you are on a budget, campings and b&bs (especially on the beautiful East coast) are affordable and quite nice! Farm stays are also warmly recommended. We spent the last two nights on a cute farm with the cutest hosts ever, were served homemade cakes and cookies for breakfast (omnomnom, their fig cookie is unforgettable!) and enjoyed the company of their cheerful cats and dogs every time we arrived, woke up, had a bite of food… 😀 Oh dear, I loved them so much.
  6. Beaches absolutely deserve their fame. My favourite ones were the rocky coves with crystal clear turquoise water, perfect for snorkelling!
Because people don’t seem to bother reading anymore, from now on, I let the photos give you an impression of Sardinia. If you have any questions or would love to hear more about this trip, drop me a message and let’s have a chat over a shot of Mirto. 🙂