Sardinia, Italy

Just the usual bragging about a holiday that nobody really cares about and to make my acquaintances making unbelievably stupid conclusions about my life. Continue Reading

Tales from Granada

Apart from my entrance tickets to the Alhambra gardens, Generalife and Alcazaba in the upcoming morning, I had absolutely no plans for the rest of my stay in Granada. I had only one desire on arrival: to have a glass of wine and an afternoon nap. Continue Reading

Lanzarote – Mars on Earth

It’s been a while that we visited this adorable island with my husband. I remember I was planning a laid-back type of holiday with as little fuss as possible so I had a look at beach holidays in November and I figured out that the only option is to go back to the Canaries if we don’t want to cross an ocean or a continent…Continue Reading

The three friends of winter

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A symbol of steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience in Chinese brush painting.

I’ve been learning Chinese brush painting since I got back from my first trip to China. There is a very emotional and spiritual story behind, long story short, I hiked up to the temple of Guanyin and after having a chat with her she gifted me with a long lost inspiration to grab my brush and create something. That journey also inspired me to take photography onto another level, so I thought it was time to combine my passion for both arts into one creative project to pay my gratitude to the Goddess who gave me this very precious gift. Here’s the first image of the series, “The three friends of winter” which is representing¬†steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience in Chinese brush painting.

Model: Anneke    Instagram: @anneke.grace
Photography, hanfu costume, makeup: Nora Hamucska Instagram: @norahamucska


Mermaid Jade

Once upon a time, a young lady woke up crazy early in the morning. It was a mild late-winter day, the snow just stopped falling, so she grabbed her camera and went for a stroll into the woods in the north to sip some fresh air into her ever sleepy head… and to meet the coolest, bravest mermaid in the world, the beautiful Jade. ūüôā

Model: Mermaid Jade –¬†
Jewellery: Tangled Web Jewellery –¬†
Photography: Nora Hamucska –

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