Tales from Granada

Tales from Granada

Apart from my entrance tickets to the Alhambra gardens, Generalife and Alcazaba in the upcoming morning, I had absolutely no plans for the rest of my stay in Granada. I had only one desire on arrival: to have a glass of wine and an afternoon nap. Such a waste of time, I know! When I explained this very honest desire to Delfina, a lovely girl at the tourist office – who is from the most southern point of South America 🙂 -, she quickly came up with an interesting idea: a thrilling evening walk to explore the streets of AlbaicĂ­n and watch the Alhambra bathing in the beautiful red sunset and a tour up to the gypsy/hippy quarter on the hills of Sacromonte to have a coffee in a cave with some lovely guys from Senegal.

“Are you sure it’s safe?” – I asked.
“Sure, we are the official tourist office and you can also check our reviews on the web!”

After a few seconds of hesitation and a promise of a little discount, I said yes. 🙂 (Be prepared for bargains if you go there, Granada has a “tiny pinch” of the Arabic spirit, haha.)

So I had my lonely glass of wine in a backstreet tapas bar which came out with tapa(s) (a handful of olives soaked in some yummy garlic sauce and a decent bite of tortilla on a piece of toast), spent my time just lifelessly staring out of my sleepy head and watching a few souls who for some reason did not hide for a siesta. Then finally, I went for my afternoon nap to my lovely temporary home to get back some energy to explore the many wonders of the lovely and welcoming Granada. (Pictures below.)


Eat here: Antigua Bodega Castañeda
Stay here: Apartamentos La Miga
Have fun with these guys: Play Granada/Sixthrills
Be amazed by these beautiful people: La Alborea
Relax above a pot of tea here: TeterĂ­a Kasbah
Test your nose here: Patio de los Perfumes

Switch off your mobile phone and enjoy getting lost in the charming streets of AlbaicĂ­n!