Emei Shan, 2016

Emei Shan, 2016

One of my most memorable journeys in my life.

Mount Emei is a piece of Heaven on Earth. On our first trip to Sichuan, unfortunately we skipped visiting this mountain. But this year, we decided to spend a few days here.

Emei Shan is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China, also the highest of these four. From the moment I arrived at the city station, I sensed a very peaceful atmosphere around and I just knew, this was going to be something different. Just a few things to mention: we slept in a Buddhist monastery, had some memorable encounters with wild monkeys, met some really nice people out in the wild, tasted the freshest tea ever, relaxed in a hot spring under the night sky. (My husband has a more detailed blog entry about it so if you like reading, you’ll find it here: https://petermolnar.net/sichuan-mount-emei/ )

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